Fabio Lentini was born in Palermo, Italy. He attended secondary school specializing in classical studies and he earned a bachelor’s degree majoring in Economics. Currently he is an Accountant by profession.

He wrote the novel Over sea borders and the collection of short stories entitled Night Tales.

Pioneer of free literature online, since 2002 he has been providing his literary production on his website,, making it available for the numerous lovers online. The initiative has met with success encouraging the author to propose an international version of the website in which it is possible to read some of his works in English, French and Spanish. Thanks to the precious intervention of Massimo Eccli, Italian teacher at the Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogic Institute (MHPI), some tales are now also available in Russian.

At the moment he is the only contemporary Italian writer who publishes online, on paper and e-book for free.

He is among the one hundred forty-three international writers that participated to the realization of the book Elogio de la Palabra (“The praise of the word”), in support of literature and culture among young generations. On April 2008 the book was published in Spain with the adherence of Unesco. This initiative registered the contribution of: the Nobel Prizes José Saramago and Mario Vargas Llosa, writers such as Ken Follett, Paulo Coelho, Noam Chomsky, Anthony Muñoz Molina, Miguel Delibes, Sergio Ramírez, Ernesto Cardenal, Laura Restrepo, P.D. James, Tom Sharpe, John Updike, Anne Perry, Anthony Gala, Vila Matas, Fernando Arrabal, Elvira Lindo, Amir Valle, Susanna Tamaro.

He participated to some literary Prizes and in 2003 his tale "Khaled" was awarded at the 9th edition of the National Prize for literature Renato Giorgi. On August 2008 he received the International Prize for Culture Mons Aureus, reserved to a personage of national or international literary panorama. On June 2011he was called to belong to the Jury of Honour of the 4th edition of the Literary Prize Dacia Maraini.

In 2009 he was called together with the cartoonist Silver, inventor of “Lupo Alberto” (“Alberto the Wolf”), and the writer Gianni Biondillo as testimonial in the campaign Tutti in classe (“Everybody in classroom”) in support of the diffusion of literacy of children in the Third World Countries.

On April 2011 he was among the first Italian writers to publish on Amazon a work of his own as electronic book, "Night Tales", which is still today one of the few original eBooks in Italian available on the greatest world books portal.

He collaborates currently with some literary magazines online and it is present on the major national and international literature portals.

His writing is characterized by the precise choice of every word, a deep intimist tendency and the meticulous and accurate description of atmospheres, and the pathos that pervades the characters. A classic narration, of autobiographical kind, countersigned by an elegant and painstaking form, and a well-defined and personal style.

Renowned on the most important web search engines, his works receive the approval of the numerous Internet users that daily enter his website.

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